At Emerald Express, LLC, each one of your deliveries is as important to us as it is to you. We try to instill in each driver the personal ownership of every package.

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Under guidelines established by the TSA, Emerald Express can utilize passenger airlines to transport your items across the country faster than the overnight services.

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Sometimes you know in advance that a delivery is going to be needed. Go ahead and call Emerald Express, LLC and get it off of your “to-do” list.

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Emerald Express, LLC has been providing superior, white glove service to the company that innovated the Luggage Free travelling industry.

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Emerald Express, LLC offers on demand and scheduled medical and pharmaceutical deliveries as well as sensitive documents.

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Call it what you want: Hot-shot, on-demand, expedited, stat.. Whatever it is, the point is, you need it there NOW! At Emerald Express, LLC, we understand urgency.

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Patrick at Emerald Express goes above and beyond to provide amazing service and get the most impossible task accomplished. He and his trucks have spent hours at a warehouse to pick up product for our customers and is happy to do so. Highly recommend the professionalism and service of Emerald Express.
Jennifer B
We have been using Emerald Express for over five years. Emerald Express is reliable, trustworthy, excellent about communicating with us; the owner is always available to answer any questions we might have, and billing is always accurate. We highly recommend this company!
Kevin K.

Our Proven Process, Produces Results


The cornerstone of any delivery service is the ability to get what you want, where you want, when you want. Emerald Express, LLC is dedicated to on time service, every time.


Being treated as though you are important every step of the way is how we provide service. Emerald Express, LLC excels in customer service.


Plans change, stuff happens, and you have to adjust. Is Emerald Express, LLC able to be responsive to your needs? We are..


We track your packages and our drivers carry cell phones combined with an in house GPS.


Emerald Express, LLC keeps close account of your item being transported. Your package is as safe with us as it is with you.